Simple Ways to Avoid Probate


Tips on Avoiding Probate Probate is a lengthy, stressful process, and many people assume they’ll have to deal with the probate process. However, there are ways to avoid probate, especially when you have a probate attorney on your side. Akers Law Premiere Probate Litigation has experience navigating probate and preparing your will and other affairs. [...]

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What to Know About Creditors and Probate


Creditors and Probate When navigating the probate process, handling the decedent’s debts is unavoidable. That means dealing with creditors, which can be difficult even without the grief that comes with the loss of a loved one. While this process can be straightforward, sometimes, it gets complicated. That’s when you need a probate lawyer to help [...]

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How Creditors Can Affect Probate in Colorado


Notifying and paying creditors are central parts of the Colorado probate process. In fact, Colorado probate code establishes very specific rules for how and when an estate’s personal representative should notify and pay creditors. Understanding how these rules work and affect you can be essential to: Avoiding allegations that you have breached your fiduciary duty [...]

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