Don’t Face A Family Law Modification Case In Colorado Springs, CO Alone


Life takes many unexpected twists and turns. You know that already if you’ve been through a divorce. So, it’s no surprise that your circumstances may have also changed since your divorce. Is your divorce agreement still fair? If your divorce agreement is no longer mutually beneficial, it is possible to modify the arrangements to better suit your current needs. You need a Colorado family law judgment modification lawyer. You need the Law Firm of Tammy W Akers, LLC. Akers Law can help you with family law modifications, even if you had a different lawyer for the initial divorce.


Reasons to Modify a Family Law Agreement

Your divorce agreement is a binding contract, but there are many reasons why you might need a family law judgment modification. When your circumstances change, and the agreement becomes an excessive burden, you shouldn’t be bound by the terms that fit when you divorced—they don’t fit anymore.

Some examples of life changes that may warrant a modification include:

  • One or more children turning 18
  • A child switching from a private to public school
  • The birth of a child
  • The sale of a home
  • A significant change in income from job loss or gain

Family law modifications are granted based on need and best interest, especially when the agreement involves children. Being objective when children are involved is difficult. Having a third party manage the legal process changes the dynamic. Tammy W. Akers will advocate for your child and for you, giving you the best possible outcome. As a Colorado family law judgment modification lawyer, she can help you determine whether you will qualify for a modification. Call today to get started.

Property Settlements and Hidden Asset Disputes

Colorado courts frown on modification of property settlements, so having a good Colorado family law judgment modification lawyer is essential to your success. If the real property agreement is no longer viable, because of upkeep costs, tax issues, or changed living arrangements, let the Law Firm of Tammy W Akers, LLC find the best solution. If you think your partner might have hidden assets or might have misrepresented the assets claimed, Akers Law can help you modify the family law judgment.

Inability to Pay Maintenance Fees

Spousal support (alimony) is called “maintenance” in Colorado. If you lose your job, don’t just stop paying. You will still owe the money and could be liable for penalties. You need experienced representation to present a case for reducing or nullifying your court-mandated maintenance fees.

How to Get a Colorado Family Law Modification

Life changes. Your legal documents need to change with it. Change is hard, but Colorado family law judgment modification lawyer, Tammy W. Akers, will make it easier for you. She will guide you through the family law modification process and help you make the most of your new life.

Get in touch with the Law Firm of Tammy W Akers, LLC, to explore your options and move towards an updated, and more importantly, fair divorce agreement.

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