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Tammy is a absolutely amazing attorney! My divorce process has taken two years. It’s been a extremely tough case and Tammy has been vigilant in fighting for what is good and right. She made herself available as needed. Keeping in mind she has other cases and people who need her so sometimes I had to wait my turn for the time I was requesting. Seeing how she was in the courtroom brought me much peace during the times she was busy with other cases. She gave appropriate time to my case when it was my turn for court appearances. We were in the courtroom around 10+ times and she was extremely organized with the facts and evidence. Emails were always returned and she CC’d me on all emails sent to the other attorney so that I knew what progress we were making at all times. Because of her hard work and patience with my sensitive case I believe we won what was fair and right for me and my children. I can’t sing her praises enough. In moments I was scared and unsure about my future Tammy had it all figured out and planned out. She has great integrity and knowledge of the laws. She plays by the rules and does what’s right. Trust in her process. She won’t let you down! Her staff is also kind and compassionate. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again in the future and I recommend her to everyone now!

Crystal T., Colorado Springs

Excellent compassionate professional. Great representation . Compassionate . Educated. Knowledgeable. Awesome. I would recommend her to anyone going through divorce child custody .. great communication. Honest listens to concerns. Helped me through the whole process step by step. Made this process understandable. And made it easier to get through.

Montana, Colorado Springs

Ms. Akers has been a great attorney. She has been very hands on and has kept me abreast on information and procedures. I strongly recommend her.

Pizzi V., Colorado Springs

Tammy and Sue were amazing in my case and did a phenomenal job when I thought all odd were stacked against me she fought for me and believed in me an made an extraordinary outcome in my favor. She did what was right and The judge saw it our way too. I highly recommend her if you are seeking a family attorney. Not sure why there would be a negative on google review for her because she was absolutely amazing.

Stephen M., Colorado Springs

Highly Recommend Tammy Akers I worked with Ms. Akers on a very contentious divorce case where I sold their home and she represented the husband. I was so impressed with her level headedness, her expertise, and quick response to every kink that came along during this process. And, believe me, she had everything thing thrown at her and, usually at once! She was extremely accessible, knowledgeable, and “quick on her feet”. I highly recommend her services.

Jill M., Colorado Springs

Had a family law matter that required prompt attention. Ms. Akers and her team were consummate professionals and quickly got me scheduled for appointments that allowed for completion of the necessary documents. This firm will be my first choice for any legal needs going forward!!

Harry E., Colorado Springs

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