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Draft your last will and testament in Colorado Springs, CO

Determine who will care for your children if you’re gone. Name the executor of your estate. Reap the rewards of a living trust. Start drafting your will or trust right away with the Law Firm of Tammy W Akers, LLC in Colorado Springs, CO. Attorney Akers helps you make sound decisions for your family before explaining the estate planning process thoroughly. So, schedule an appointment with the Law Firm of Tammy W Akers as soon as possible by calling 719-985-8192.


Drafting a will or trust has never been easier

Instead of leaving your family to fight over your wishes after you’re gone, turn to the Law Firm of Tammy W Akers. She can help you with all of your estate planning needs. We’ll make sure your documents include who will:

  • Distribute your assets
  • Make health care decisions on your behalf
  • Care for your children
  • Receive your assets

Start drafting your will and trust with the Law Firm of Tammy W Akers in Colorado Springs, CO today. She offers a free 30-min consultation.

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